Argentina: Virtual Gas Pipeline with Galileo’s LNG

24 Jan 2019 - ConferenzaGNL

Argentina: Virtual Gas Pipeline with Galileo’s LNG

In Argentina last January 15th, at the Anchoris thermoelectric power plant* in the province of Mendoza, six Scania G340 trucks owned by the Transportes Andreu company from Mendoza, were supplied for the first time with liquefied natural gas (LNG) at the petrol station of the Argentine company Galileo Technologies which also owns the gas liquefaction technology.

The arrival of the first liquefied natural gas (LNG) trucks in Argentina occurred in mid-September with a ceremony held in Buenos Aires in which officials of ENARGAS, the Argentine National Gas Regulatory Agency, had taken part. (read the article HERE)

Galileo uses only national natural gas coming from deposits scattered in the provinces of Neuquén and Mendoza  – not connected to gas pipelines – which through the mobile liquefaction technology self developed by Galileo allows its distribution and use as liquid fuel.

The new fleet of Scania tractors powered by LNG, replacing CNG trucks, is symbolized by Galileo Technologies as the Virtual Gas Pipeline to distribute the liquid fuel through the towed iso-containers (Cryobox-Trailer LNG).

The trucks, equipped with two cryogenic tanks capable of loading up to 265 kilograms of LNG, have a range of 1,100 kilometers and will be used along the mountain and winding routes to transport LNG directly from the wells to the Anchoris thermoelectric power plant, recently opened, which is fed directly with LNG.

Galileo Technologies has also announced the forthcoming presentation of a Blue Corridor of LNG filling stations that should make the new fuel available on Argentinian roads.

The filling stations will operate without being connected to the pipeline network, being therefore supplied by the Virtual Pipeline and remotely monitored by a SCADA supervision and control system.

Osvaldo del Campo, President and CEO of Galileo Technologies, remarked: “We successfully launched compressed natural gas (CNG) in 1984. Now, with our technology, we extend the use of LNG as a professional and high-powered fuel in order to expand the productive borders of the country.”

*Editor’s note. The power plant is owned by Methax company (controlled by Grupo Galileo) while engineering, procurement and construction of the plant has been supplied by Wärtsilä. According to Osvaldo Del Campo, it has been the first strategic power plant in the world operating with LNG produced directly at the wellhead.

Source: Galileo Technologies

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