In Gate (Rotterdam) record on LNG for trucks

18 Sep 2018 - ConferenzaGNL

In Gate (Rotterdam) record on LNG for trucks

ICIS, the specialized information agency on energy, has recently published an in-depth analysis of LNG loading for trucks at the GATE (Gas Access To Europe) plant in Rotterdam. The plant, managed by Gasunie and Koninklijke Vopak N.V. is equipped to supply both tankers and trucks and bunkers and soon became the main LNG terminal in Northern Europe.

The analysis, signed by the small-scale journalist LNG Alice Casagni, reports the records in loading the tankers that then go to supply the service stations for trucks and other end users of liquid methane. Already during the summer the number of LNG tankers reached the maximum annual egg. The activity rose to record levels in May and June, supported by a greater supply of LNG, new infrastructures and bunkering activities (truck to ship).

The trucks in May were 264, up to 80% month on month with a new record for a single month since the loading systems began operating in 2014. In June, with 281 new trucks there was a new record. This brought the total number of tankers loaded at the terminal between January and June of this year to 1.133, around the same amount of trucks loaded in 2016 and not far from the 1,629 trucks loaded throughout 2017, according to data from Gate and Gas LNG Europe. Gate opened two new truck loading bays in July 2017, in addition to the one opened in 2014 and to the small LNG jetty opened in 2016.

The article, available in full version, also highlights the start of a certain competition between Gates and Zeebrugge, and the trend of LNG prices in the various world terminals, which would be rewarding those in Europe. It should be noted that the import loads in these periods were under spot contracts, in the short, medium and long term. The price of LNG per truck also fell at Gate at the same time as the peak of loads. This is related to the largest number of service stations operating in the Netherlands compared to those in Belgium. For example, the cost of loading LNG for lorries at Zeebrugge for delivery in the year 2019 would be about € 0.10-0.15 / MWh higher than the costs of loading trucks at Gate for the same period.

Fonte:  ICIS

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