Inauguration in two stages of the first Sardinian GNL distributor

21 Sep 2018 - ConferenzaGNL

Inauguration in two stages of the first Sardinian GNL distributor

Last 19 September the first distribution plant for traditional fuels and CNG – GNL was inaugurated in Villacidro (Sardinia). The initiative is part of the Isa Group (“Nonna Isa” trademark), which already has its own service station with only traditional fuels and electric charging in Sassari.

A two-stage inauguration because LNG is not yet available but the area for the refueling of trucks is already present. The station has underground cryogenic pipes that connect the dispenser to the tank, which will have a capacity of 100 cubic meters of LNG. The arrival of liquid methane, and therefore its delivery together with CNG for cars, is expected within the year. It should be remembered that in Sardinia, the only non-methanised Italian region, LNG is already supplied through lorries traveling by ferry from Spain and Italy.

The plant, built by the Comit Group, a Cagliari-based company specialized in liquid and gaseous fuel infrastructures, covers about 9,000 square meters in the industrial area of Villacidro, along the provincial road 61, where the Isa Group headquarters are located The station fully complies with the provisions of the European DAFI Directive as implemented in Italy, and is equipped with all the latest technologies.

The station will be operational 24 hours a day with a system of ten computerized lanes able to recognize, through the optical reading, the loyal customer. The plant is completed, wanted and personally supervised by Giovanni Muscas, owner of the Isa Group and the subsidiary “Nonna Isa Station Industry” (which manages the road service stations), a refreshment area, a 38 meter tunnel washing area (the first in Sardinia) and a health emergency point with defibrillator. It is also the second service station in Europe equipped with an helipad for the landing of police helicopters, civil protection, helicopter rescue and various other emergencies vehicles.

During the ceremony Giovanni Muscas said he was ready to use the LNG for the 50 trucks of his fleet. Maria Grazia Piras, regional councilor for the region, was also satisfied: she underlined the commitment of the Regional Administration for the widespread arrival of LNG in Sardinia, of which the construction of the Isa Station Industry in Villacidro represents an important step .

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