Mecar Iveco: 42 new Stralis 460 HP delivered at the Baronissi Est LNG station

25 Jun 2018 - ConferenzaGNL

Mecar Iveco: 42 new Stralis 460 HP delivered at the Baronissi Est LNG station

The inauguration ceremony of the LNG area held on 21 June 2018 at the Baronissi Est station, located on the Avellino-Salerno motorway link towards Avellino, it was also an opportunity for Iveco and its Mecar Dealer to make five major deliveries for a total of 42 New Stralis NP 460 HP.

The first supply involved 10 new Stralis NP 460s to the transport and logistic company Smet of Salerno, which increase the percentage of vehicles powered by LNG of its fleet to 15%.

Further 15 Stralis NP 460 HP were delivered to Trans Italy the cargo & freight company of Cervito-Canfora (Salerno) also with 15% of green vehicles in its fleet.

Seven new Stralis NP 460 HP went to the Casilli Enterprise in Nola (province of Naples), which, a little less than a year after the purchase of the first Stralis NP 400 CV, has increased its fleet of 50 vehicles to 28% of the vehicles powered by natural gas.

Finally 7 Stralis NP 460 were delivered to Trans Isole company of Angri (Salerno) of the Spighetto family, specialist for transport to Sicily and Sardinia, while 3 Stralis NP 460 HP went to La Sud Frigo di Nola, which thus reaches 31% fleet powered by LNG.

Gianandrea Ferrajoli, CEO of Mecar, President of Federauto Truck and President of European Council for Motor Trades and Repairs (CECRA) in Brussels, on the occasion of the inauguration ceremony of the East Baronissi station and the delivery of the cars said: “In the transport and logistics sector there is a deep and constant change, especially in the direction of innovation and environmental sustainability, and the promotion of LNG is an integral part of a broader environmental-energy policy design of the European Union. The sector of sustainable mobility, represented by Natural Gas Vehicles, is a supply chain of 22 thousand employees and 1.7 billion euros in our country and the Italian Government has committed itself to adopt initiatives and standards for the construction of LNG distributors throughout the national territory, in order to reduce the environmental impact of road transport. With the inauguration today we have given a new access and point of arrival to the corridor of European and international transport, finally able to refuel in a strategic area, for transport and international logistics, which is southern Italy “.

With 5 Mecar Hubs and 24 Service Points in 3 Italian regions, MECAR provides 360° consulting services for transport and logistics companies of all sizes on the main European logistics routes, from the shipping of goods to the last mile delivery.

Its service network, equipped with the latest innovations in diagnostic and maintenance tools, is able to manage all maintenance operations within 3 hours of the vehicle’s standstill and is the first network in Italy capable of completing service operations in fast lane, on the road or by parking the vehicle at the nearest service point.

Source Metanoauto

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