C. Galdieri and Son opening the first LNG filling station in Campania

22 Jun 2018 - ConferenzaGNL

C. Galdieri and Son opening the first LNG filling station in Campania

Today in Salerno was officially opened the first liquefied natural gas (LNG) filling station in Campania, on the Salerno-Avellino highway connection, inside the Baronissi East service area, commissioned and promoted by the C. Galdieri and Son and built by Ham Italia with a cryogenic tank of 80 cubic meters of LNG.

A project that brings to 22 the total number of filling stations throughout Italy and that has a strategic importance in the development of the distribution network of LNG thanks to where it is located. The refueling station is very close to a major road section for southern Italy and for heavy transport routes.

The refueling station is spread over an area of ​​45,000 square meters, entirely eco-sustainable thanks to the solar panels plant for the production of renewable energy, equipped with a wide parking area for truck  and from this morning enriched by the LNG area, with authorized personnel, that will allow the double refueling of trucks.

Common intent of C. Galdieri & Figli and area dealer IVECO Mecar, is to promote the spread of LNG in order to reduce, in the specific case of the Stralis NP 460 hp, the particulate emissions of 99% compared to the Euro VI limits, up to 15% those of CO₂ compared to the equivalent diesel and significantly reduce the noise pollution generated by traditional means, as well as the Total Cost of Operation (TCO) of the vehicle.

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