European leader Snam advances on small-scale LNG

3 Mar 2015 - ConferenzaGNL

European leader Snam advances on small-scale LNG

Appreciation by ConferenzaGNL, the international event promoting the use of LNG in the land, sea and industrial off grid.

Snam’s fully owned LNG subsidiary, GNL Italia, is in an advanced stage of evaluation and study on new uses of liquefied natural gas, in order to identify efficient and sustainable business developments in the medium and long term.

GNL Italia has launched a tender for a feasibility study to better understand the technical and economic impacts arising from the eventual adaptation of the Panigaglia LNG terminal facilities (such as storage tanks, transfer line, wharf and so on), which could allow the development of logistics services designed to facilitate the supply of small scale LNG services.

The tender, which expires on March 18, requires the provision of engineering services to assess the feasibility of “reloading feeder ships and barges, loading of tankers and ISO containers, liquefaction of natural gas from pipelines and loading of tankers from a coastal storage plant outside the terminal”.

Snam, leader in the natural gas infrastructure in Europe, reported in 2013 a €2,034 million EBIT and a €917 million net profit, despite the reduction in gas demand. The dividend proposed to shareholders amounts to €0.25 per share, one of the highest in the industry.

In 2012 and 2013, the Group invested  1.3 billion euros. Moreover, the investment plan for the 2014-2017 period amounts to 6 billion euros, aimed at further enhancing security of supply, the flexibility of the gas system and the development of infrastructures.

Snam facilities are regulated at national level and fully open to all buyers and sellers of gas. “The commitment of Snam to small and medium LNG can quickly lead Italy at the top of  the Mediterranean market for the sector,” said Diego Gavagnin of ConferenzaGNL ( the international event that promotes the use of LNG on land and sea transport. “We will discuss this  in detail during the third ConferenzaGNL, to be held in Rome on 11 and 12 June, when the government’s plan for the development of LNG in Italy will also be available.

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