ConferenzaGNL: a project to promote the use of LNG for maritime and road transport.

In the coming years, the International supply chain of LNG for maritime and land transport as well as for industrial applications will strongly expand. The conclusion has been drawn according to the information acquired and the analyses carried out during the 2nd ConferenzaGNL, (Rome, April 10-11, 2014), along with market previews. Italy has both the industrial culture of natural gas and the technological know-how to candidate as industrial hub for LNG in the Mediterranean Area and Southern Europe.

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GNl Workshop: Meet, Learn, Exchange.


III Workshop 2014-2015

Il Consorzio Industriale Provinciale di Sassari, nell’ambito dei propri compiti istituzionali, è interessato ad analizzare e informare tutti i soggetti…


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