New Volvo FH LNG also in Greece

18 Oct 2021 - ConferenzaGNL

New Volvo FH LNG also in Greece

Volvo Trucks, the exclusive importer and distributor in Greece since 1950 for Sarakaki Business Group, a Greek company active in the transport sector for the commercial and industrial sectors, is stimulating the entry into the Greek market of the Volvo FH LNG, to satisfy in the Greek country, the quality and environmental standards in force at European level. A first Volvo LNG truck was delivered as part of a collaboration between TITAN group and BlueFuel for the supply and distribution of LNG in Europe through the ELIN service station network.

Volvo Trucks recently unveiled the new FH LNG series vehicles which guarantee emissions reductions of around 20% compared to diesel and almost 100% using bioLNG. The vehicle has been designed with Diesel cycle technology instead of Otto cycle to ensure greater energy efficiency which translates into 15-25% lower fuel consumption compared to conventional gas engines.

Source: AffaritalianiTrasportale

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