Edison: LNG deposit in Brindisi a hinge between Ravenna and Oristano

18 Feb 2020 - ConferenzaGNL

Edison: LNG deposit in Brindisi a hinge between Ravenna and Oristano

Following last year’s announcement, Edison has submitted to the Ministry of Economic Development the project for the coastal LNG storage facility in the port of Brindisi., as stated by Staffetta Quotidiana. A first Conference of Services will take place on March 8. In its preliminary technical report, the company explains its overall strategy for coastal storage facilities, assigning Brindisi the task of optimizing the logistics of LNG transport by ship from the Ravenna depot (under construction) to the Santa Giusta – Oristano depot (authorized).

The place has been identified at the entrance of the “average port” in an area of the Costa Morena East quay, functional for the docking of LNG carriers, and in another space at the root of the quay that can accommodate the storage. The berth has a length of 500 metres and a draught of 12 metres. The Port System Authority was involved in the choice and indicated the available areas.

LNG tankers will have a maximum capacity of 30,000 m3 (Edison already has a bunker vessel of this size under construction) and a minimum capacity of 1,000 m3. LNG storage will be in a vertical atmospheric tank with a capacity of 19,950 m3.

The plant can both receive and load the LNG on the refilling bays and refuel tankers in the two loading bays and isocontainers, loaded on trailers, using flexible hoses, with the possibility of creating a third refuelling point.

The maximum flow rate for loading operations from quay to plant and refuelling operations from a canteen plant is 2,000 m3/h (it will therefore take about 10 hours to fill the depot, to fill a standard 7,500 m3 canteen less than 4 hours). The flow rate for the refuelling of tankers and isocontainers at the loading bays is 100 m3/h.

The loading operations of tankers and isocontainers may be carried out simultaneously with the unloading of LNG carriers or the loading of the tankers. Only one ship at a time is accepted at the mooring area and therefore it will not be possible to unload LNG tankers and loading lighters at the same time.

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