New: LNG and BioGNL in Gasum station in Sweden

11 Feb 2020 - ConferenzaGNL

New: LNG and BioGNL in Gasum station in Sweden

In Sweden, the Finnish company Gasum has inaugurated its ninth LNG refueling station for heavy vehicles, located in the northern town of Umeå overlooking the Gulf of Bothnia.

Umeå station is also able to supply BioLNG which is produced according to the principles of the circular economy from organic waste. Therefore being the first gas filling station in the region, the new plant not only offers a cleaner alternative fuel for the city and local businesses, it also represents a local base for further investments in the biogas supply chain. In addition to distributing LNG and BioLNG can refueling methane and biomethane for cars, commercial vehicles and buses.

The new station is part of the Gasum plan which aims to build a network of 50 gas stations for heavy vehicles in the Nordic countries by the early 2020s.

With the expansion of the service station network, gas becomes available to more players in the transportation sector, which in turn increases the demand for gas. At the end of last year, we opened a new service station in Östersund, which together with Umeå station allows gas vehicles use throughout Sweden, ” said Mikael Antonsson, Director of Mobility at Gasum Sweden.

Umeå station is located in an area with heavy traffic where the consumption of cleaner fuels is increasing rapidly, particularly in the long-haul road transport segment. Sweden’s national target is to reduce road transport emissions by 70% by 2030, compared to 2010 levels.

 “Biogas is a high performance renewable fuel. The new stations accelerate the use of biogas-powered vehicles, which is why the new station is important not only for the Umeå region but for all of Sweden, “says Anna Säfvestad Albinsson, head of the BioFuel Region AB project, Umeå.

Source: Gasum

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