Furetank Rederi Orders a new LNG fuelled Tanker


The Swedish shipping company Furetank Rederi AB has signed a contract for the construction of  a new double fuel tanker (LNG / Fuel Oil) with the Chinese shipyard Avic Dingheng Shipbuilding, which is scheduled for delivery in the fourth quarter of 2020. In addition, the agreement includes an option for an additional LNG dual fuel vessel.

The new tanker of 17,999 DWT will be identical to the series of six twin ships built or under construction by Avic Dingheng Shipbuilding during 2018-2019 for the three companies Furetank Rederi AB, Rederi AB Älvtank and Erik Thun AB, which adhere to the association Gothia Tanker Alliance.

All the Ice Breaker Class 1A ships, with a transport capacity of 20,306 cubic meters divided into 12 loading tanks lined with epoxy resin, are designed with particular attention to the minimum impact on the environment, running on  LNG and equipment reducing fuel and energy consumption with far lower emissions of CO2, sulphur oxide, nitrogen oxide and particulate matter.

Source: Furetank