LNG in Sardinia: conference on 25 and 26 November

18 Nov 2019 - ConferenzaGNL

LNG in Sardinia: conference on 25 and 26 November

The 5th Conference “Isola dell’Energia” by GNL Sardegna Association, dedicated to the methanization of Sardinia through LNG will be held at T Hotel in Cagliari, next 25/26 November. The new is reported by Staffetta Quotidiana.

The event, supported by ConferenzaGNL, will register the participation of local administrators, representatives of ministries, experts and companies.

According to the organizers, a few months from the arrival of the LNG (August 2020 in the Higas warehouse in the Santa Giusta – Oristano port, ed) many problems still remain: the activation of city networks, the definition of rates for families, the distribution for cars, trucks and industries, the supply of cruise ships and ferries, the availability of tankers and the progress of new projects for the purpose of security of supply.

The works will be opened by the regional councilors for Industry and General Affairs, Anita Pili and Valeria Satta, and will be concluded by the governor Christian Solinas. For those wishing to intervene the indication is to write to gnlsardegna@gmail.com.

Source: Staffetta Quotidiana

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