Step ahead for Venice LNG coastal storage project in Porto Marghera

12 Jun 2019 - ConferenzaGNL

Step ahead for Venice LNG coastal storage project in Porto Marghera

Venice LNG, the company owned by Decal S.p.A. that plans to build a new LNG coastal storage deposit in Porto Marghera, has announced the receiving of a favourable judgment on environmental compatibility by the Technical Commission for Environmental Impact Assessment and Strategic Environmental Assessment.

The positive opinion expressed by CT VIA – the company explains in a note – contains some provisions, to which Venice LNG will comply in the design, construction, operation and disposal phase of the work, aimed at respecting the environmental aspects of the area involved.

Among which, the respect of the protections set by the Natura 2000 Network site, the control of the water elements of the area both during testing and operation, the use of non-polluting materials, the reduction and mitigation of dust propagation and acoustic emissions during construction and operation, the preparation of monitoring for compliance with the parameters of the Environmental Monitoring Plan (PMA) prepared by the Regional Agency for Environmental Prevention and Protection of Veneto (Arpa Veneto).

The Venice LNG project involves the construction of an LNG storage deposit with a capacity of 32,000 cubic meters, along an area of the South Industrial Canal of Porto Marghera, and it is co-financed by the European Union funding instrument “Connecting Europe Facility” (CEF).

The LNG will be supplied by small and medium-sized gas carriers (maximum 30,000 c.m.) and will be distributed through small LNG barges and trucks. Thanks to LNG, pollutants in the atmosphere and in lagoon waters will be drastically reduced.

Reaffirming its confidence in the validity of the project, Venice LNG now awaits the next steps of the authorization process.

Source: Venezia Today

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