Coralius carries out its first LNG bunkering in Rotterdam

28 Jun 2019 - ConferenzaGNL

Coralius carries out its first LNG bunkering in Rotterdam

Finland headquartered Gasum announced  that its LNG bunkering vessel Coralius has carried out its first ship-to-ship bunkering in the port area of Rotterdam supplying LNG to the chemical tanker Bit Viking.

Speaking of the bunkering in Rotterdam, Kimmo Rahkamo, Vice President, Natural Gas and LNG, Gasum, said, “finally, being able to bunker our clients in the ARA area increases LNG availability and security for the LNG fueled fleet” while Anders Hermansson, Technical Manager of Tarbit Shipping added “Our vessel Bit Viking was converted to LNG already in 2011. Since then we have operated on LNG about 97% of the time, mainly supported by Gasum. Coralius delivers LNG through ship-to-ship bunkering at sea and in port. This has significantly increased Gasum’s flexibility and responsiveness to vessels that require LNG but are unable to visit a terminal or a port.”

The bunker vessel Coralius is equipped with a 5,600 cubic meter tank of LNG and a dual fuel engine. It  has been built by the shipyard Royal Bodewes in the Netherlands in 2017.

The ship, that mainly operates in the North Sea and the Skagerrak area, completed its 100th bunkering operation during the end of February 2019.

Source: Gasum

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