New LNG station of Naturgy (formerly Natural Gas Fenosa) in France

27 May 2019 - ConferenzaGNL

New LNG station of Naturgy (formerly Natural Gas Fenosa) in France

Recently, the Spanish company Naturgy (formerly Natural Gas Fenosa) has completed a new LNG and CNG distribution station in France, on land owned by the French transport and logistics company Malherbe in Carpiquet, a town located in Normandy in the vicinity of Caen.

The station is located between several highways and allows to serve transporters going to the north of France and Paris via the A13 motorway (called Normandy) or to Brittany and the Atlantic Coast via the A84 motorway.

The plant is equipped with an LNG storage tank of 80 cubic meters of capacity, two dispensers for liquefied natural gas (LNG) and two dispensers for compressed natural gas (CNG).

The new station, located on Carpiquet’s Rue du Poirier, will be officially inaugurated on June 13 p.v. thanks to an event organized jointly by Naturgy and the aforementioned French transport company Malherbe.  Starting from this date, CNG distributors will be accessible to all transporters with a bank card or dedicated card, while LNG dispensers will be accessible only to transporters equipped with a Naturgy-enabled card.

Globally, Naturgy has 27 natural gas distribution stations, seven of which supply liquefied natural gas on average for around 150 tons of LNG per month.


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